Jeroen Merchiers

General Partner

Cofounder and CEO at Zazume, that manages, guarantees and leverages residential rental payments having raised over 4M€ in its recent history. 

Ex managing director and board member for Airbnb in Europe, Middle East and Africa where I spent 8 years growing the region, from opening the first offices to IPO. 

Prior I was COO at Groupalia after having worked during 10 years in management consulting for international manufacturing and supply chain companies.

Industrial engineer at Solvay (Brussels) and EMBA from IESE.

Investor in 21Buttons, Jeff and Trip4Real (sold to Airbnb). 

Originally from Belgium but I spent more than half of my life abroad and now Barcelona is home! Father of 3, husband of 1. Interested in technology, disruption, travel and people.